A Few More Words on Trump

I could probably go on for days about this orange-faced baboon but I will try to sum up. I’m seeing a suggestion that we, as in Democrats, need to meet Trump with the same meanness and obstructionism that Obama faced during his two terms. Tit for tat. I’m not sure I agree with that. This is a democracy. This man has been legally and freely elected our President. Unless the Electoral College does something miraculous and historical on December 19th, he will be sworn into office in January. It ain’t pretty, but it’s fair. It’s our system and it worked the way it’s supposed to. I am all for throwing out the Electoral College. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and should be President. But until we get that straightened out, we are stuck with Trump as President. And yes, he is your President, whether you voted for him or not. He is every American’s President, to love or hate or feel neutral about. And his success or failure is OUR success or failure. So these people who say we need to do everything we can to make him fail? I think they have the wrong idea. That’s what the Republicans did to Obama for 8 years. Of course, they are the ones who failed, because Obama performed spectacularly! It’s a losing strategy. Regardless of our feelings for him, we should want the leader of our country to succeed, as long as he is succeeding at doing the right things. We want him to succeed in managing the economy and making wise decisions in foreign policy. Do we want him to succeed in building a wall around Mexico? Maybe not. I don’t know. I just don’t think we should go into this with the attitude of being automatically against everything he says and does. I’m sure we are going to disagree with a lot, but there may be room for compromise and we should take advantage of that. It’s probably just my Pollyanna voice coming out, trying to make everything seem alright when it’s really dark and dreadful, but I think we should try to stay positive and look for ways to strengthen our position. There were millions of voters dissatisfied with both parties.  We need to take back the Democratic Party and for leadership, I think we need not look any further than Senator Bernie Sanders, the man who probably ought to be President now if things had worked out differently.  Now is the time to be working at the grassroots level looking towards midterm elections in 2018 and unseating some Republicans in Congress. Hillary won the popular vote. That means this is a LIBERAL NATION. Soon the reality of the vote is going to sink in and Trump is going to start making decisions and taking actions and people are going to start regretting their vote. That’s the time to start talking up the issues with them, find out what they really care about, get involved in different causes. We need a strong, united Democratic party. The third party, protest voting is what killed us this time.The Democrats need new leadership and fresh, young blood, as well as loyal  yellow dogs like me. Meanwhile, the Republicans have their own regrouping to do. They have a President, but most of them didn’t support him, so that puts them in an awkward situation.  The GOP leadership has a real job on its hands. Will they support Trump in everything he wants to do? He has a Republican Congress, he could be very powerful, indeed. That remains to be seen. Will he make a mistake, commit an impeachable offense? Because you know the Democrats are going to be watching ever so closely. I think that’s what they are hoping for, to get rid of Trump and get to Pence, who will be easier to manage by both sides. Give America a little time to get used to a new President, and then we start all over again. Politics is a game that never really ends. Are you in, or out?


One thought on “A Few More Words on Trump

  1. I do not believe it is a third-party candidate cost us this election. People get their news from tabloid Facebook posts which did not help. Add in a reality TV host with Master branding abilities and here we are. This isn’t another George Bush won the election: this is a monster that has the presidency. Also heads up we passed the amendment that took the age restrictions down Kama so Roy Moore will probably be our next governor. Think about that!

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