Presidential Debate #2: “Locker Room Talk”

Everyone waited with bated breath to see how Donald Trump would squirm his way out of questions about the recent video comments unearthed of his from 11 years ago in which he gleefully described groping and grabbing women, unaware, apparently of a hot mic that was on . He talked about trying to have sex with a married woman and told NBC’s Billy Bush that you have to “grab them by the pussy”, among other tidbits of advice. Prior to the debate, many top Republicans came out against Trump, withdrawing their support, stating that they could not support a candidate who made such statements about women, as if this was the first time he showed himself to be sexist. Supporters were starting to scatter. How would he handle it? As only Donald could. He doubled down on it. When Anderson Cooper asked him the question, did he think his comments about women equaled sexual assault he dismissed it all as “locker room talk”. Simply, “locker room talk”. Which, I assume, is some code for, ” perfectly  acceptable”. In a split second he turned that over into talking about what was wrong with the country and ISIS and what he was going to do and everything except what the question was about. He finally admitted, yes, he said it, yes, he had been embarrassed, but look at what’s happening in the world with ISIS!! Heads being chopped off and whatnot. He really wanted to talk about ISIS. To be sure, ISIS is very important, but it’s highly unlikely they are going to be brought down by Trump alone, though he would have us all believe it so.  And that to him was really more important than any offensive language he had used about women or even any offensive behavior he had engaged in. All across America, athletes looked at each other and their coaches and asked, “Locker room talk?” I’m sure in a few locker rooms, that may be the case. Or by a few individuals in locker rooms across the country. But I would not insult all of our young men by saying, “It’s just a thing.” I’ve heard many women on the right in recent days try to dismiss Trump’s disgusting dialogue as “just guy talk”. UM, NO, MA’AM. Not every guy talks that way. Guys have dirty mouths sometimes, there’s no denying it. If you are in a relationship, you may enjoy your guy talking dirty to you.  But the average guy does not go around talking about doing things to women without their consent. That’s what we call rape culture, and that needs to STOP. Guys, when you hear it, you need to step up and say, “HEY. NOT COOL.” Ladies and gentleman, we all need to remember the  Word of the Day, and that is CONSENT. If you do not have consent, then you do not have sex. That is the rule. ALWAYS. NO EXCEPTIONS.

A lot of other things were said in the debate but I think I decided to focus on “Locker room talk” for this blog because it is so vitally important in our society as men and women continue to navigate their roles in our society and attempt to communicate with each other. Hillary performed admirably as usual, maybe not quite as in control because of the town hall setting, but she held her ground. But she stood up to Trump’s bullying well, with all his lurking about behind her, pacing and sniffing and playing to the crowd, threatening to throw her in jail. She was tough, as always, which even he admitted at the end.

But back to “Locker Room Talk”.  People need to learn to talk openly about their needs and desires in a dignified way, asking for what they need or want, not just grabbing and taking by force. In the meantime, we have a President to elect and one of them is a sexual predator.  Yes, I said it. In case you didn’t hear or have forgotten, Donald Trump is charged with the rape of a 13 year old girl, and is set to go to trial soon. His “friend” whom he used to spend time with in the company of young girls, is a convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein. This is a man we are SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING FOR PRESIDENT. Liar, sexist, racist, cheat, etc. So many labels I can pin on this man. In every way he thinks he is above the law. He doesn’t pay taxes.  I could write for hours about how unfit he is for the presidency. But I just have one question. DO YOU WANT A RAPIST FOR PRESIDENT?  


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