White Privilege and White Trash

14369967_1140978549274395_6949873094673701855_nThis is the recent Snapchat page of Kansas State University student Paige Shoemaker. I have no commentary from her to explain or defend this…this…atrocity. As one can imagine, there was a huge social media reaction and I do have a screen shot of one friend’s casual defense of this foolishness.Enter one McKenzie A. Benson, a paragon of white privilege, judging from her comment.  Only white privilege allows one to see a white person in black face calling herself “nigga” as a joke and not racist, and bemoan the fact that one can’t even wear a beauty mask anymore without being called names. (Heavens!) And try to shift the blame to another wrongdoer (Brock Turner) and whine about shaming bandwagons and ruining someone’s life. Poor, persecuted, white soul! Our hearts bleed for you, truly, they do. But this is just a temporary fuss. You’ll wash off your “beauty mask” and change your picture and people will forget and life will go on. No worries. Oh, child, if only I could hex you and make you black for a week or longer and see what a joke you think being a “nigga” is then! Ha ha! Wouldn’t that be a hoot? What if that black wouldn’t come off EVER? What then, huh? Would that be funny? HUH? Wouldn’t it? NO? Well, why not? Is there some reason that being black is not endlessly amusing? Is there some reason YOU’D RATHER BE WHITE??? Yeah.  That’s what I thought.  Now wash your face and shut your mouth!


Update: Paige Shoemaker has been kicked out of Kansas State University!!! Color me shocked and amazed. Actual consequences for a white girl? Say it ain’t so!!           Too harsh? Nah…                                                                                                                                                                    14292332_1403023259727360_1285238267023873840_n




Thanks to Jennifer Hay-Richardson for the screenshot.


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