I Am the Queen of the Nation of Procrasti!

I have been sitting at my desk for almost 4 hours, counting lunch, checking email, surfing the internet and mostly playing on Facebook. It hasn’t been entirely unproductive. I made a few new friends, gave a little advice, got a little advice. But not what you would call a productive day. I sat down with the plan of writing a blog, but didn’t have a topic ready in mind. So I put it to my Facebook friends, more of a threat than a request. Give me a topic or I start posting Grumpy Cat memes. No topics were forthcoming, so I began to post Grumpy. First one was funny, but surly, as always..best-funniest-grumpy-cat-2     I meant business. Grumpy Cat is sort of my alter ego. The expression on her face pretty much sums up my general demeanor unless I am given something specific to be cheerful about. I don’t go about smiling for no reason. I am not PERKY, and I despise perkiness in others, especially when I am not quite awake. So I have grown quite fond of this kitty with the unfortunate facial expression, who I am sure is as sweet as a lamb despite her murderous stare. She’s just misunderstood. I can relate. But I digress. My purpose today was to write a new blog post, and it wasn’t getting done. Instead,  I continued to peruse Facebook and post items of interest and comment on others. Time to just log off, right? NO! Of course not.best-funniest-grumpy-cat-13 I promised more Grumpy and that’s what they got.And I continued to procrastinate. Why? I don’t know. I have over 100 books on my Kindle I could be reading. Not to mention the hardcover books I have on my shelves, including 3 from the Book of the Month Club just waiting for me. I have a memoir project that I am working on that has been going well…memories gushing from seemingly nowhere through my fingers into my keyboard, and I will soon begin working with an instructor on that, so I need to get busy on it.It has the potential for a book. I have ideas for a novel, which needs to be outlined. And there are towels in the dryer than need to be folded. And the whole place needs vacuuming. And that’s my JOB. But no, I am sitting here, nursing a mild headache, praying it won’t become a migraine and WASTING PRECIOUS TIME. Here have some more Grumpy.best-funniest-grumpy-cat-16

Meh…that’s kind of how I feel, too. I need something to motivate me. I love to read. Why don’t I want to read? Could it be because I’ve been reading nonstop lately and my brain is so overloaded with words I can barely sleep? I don’t have writer’s block. I have plenty to say, just ask me the right question or give me a topic . I’m tired of Hillary and Trump right now and I think everyone else is weary, too. I think I’ve said my piece on police violence for a while.  I don’t care about the Olympics. USA is #1, yay!! We all knew they would  be. I don’t feel like talking about depression or bipolar.   Maybe I should focus on the manual labor instead. (“YES! ” says my husband.) Mindless drudgery to give my brain a break. Yes, that’s it. I shall become one with the laundry. Very zen. Then something brilliant will come to mind to write about. Maybe not. But the towels will be folded and my husband will be pleased. Maybe he will be pleased enough to vacuum for me. Annnnnnnd maybe not.


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