Democratic National Convention: Hillary Accepts

After an whirlwind week of speeches by politicians and regular citizens telling their stories, the time finally came for Hillary Clinton to make her appearance and accept the nomination for President of the United States of America. But the last night still had some surprises in store. Reverend William Barber  of the North Carolina NAACP showed up and preached a sermon on getting back to our moral values as a nation, calling himself a “conservative”, but in a biblical sense, which meant following the commands of Jesus which sounded a whole lot more like Democratic policy. He had the crowd worked up into a righteous fervor for Hillary by the time he was through.

There were Republicans organized for Hillary, dozens of them, including a blustering 4 star general  who boldly explained why they supported her and not Trump. The general had been over the forces in Afghanistan and had worked with Hillary when she was Secretary of State and he was very convincing.  One  was a former Reagan staff member, voting Democrat for the first time in 40 years. Probably most moving were the Khans, a Muslim couple who lost their son, a soldier in Afghanistan, who had a message for Trump. Mr. Khan spoke proudly of his son, who won the the Bronze Star and Purple Heart posthumously and his love for America and challenged Trump to read the Constitution, offering him the pocket-sized one he had with him. “You’ve never sacrificed anything,” he said. He encouraged Trump to visit Arlington cemetery where people of all races, colors, and religions are buried, who died for their country.

Also included was a law enforcement officer from Dallas who spoke of the violence that has occurred recently and asked for a moment of silence before introducing family members of officers who were killed in the line of duty. One by one they told the stories of their loved ones who were killed to a silent, somber room. It is worth pointing out that the DNC made time during the week for both Black Lives Matters members and police murder survivors and did so peacefully, noting that both were worthy of attention, whereas, the RNC chose to ignore the issues altogether.

A quick moment of humor: Kareem Abdul Jabaar came out and introduced himself as Michael Jordan and said he was with Hillary. Then he said “Just kidding. I just said that because Trump wouldn’t know the difference.” Ha!

Finally, Chelsea Clinton made her way out and gave the warm, loving  speech about her mom that we all expected. It’s hard not to feel jealous of Chelsea. She spoke of how her mom has been there for her all of her life and is filled with adoration and admiration for her, herow loving and caring and compassionate but tough and strong her mother is. Then she turned it over to a video narrated by Morgan Freeman.

The video featured Hillary talking about her life from her earliest days, from her memories of her mother and what she learned from her and how that affected her, on  up to the present day. The values she learned working with her father, and how that shaped who she bec-me.The video gave us a down-to-earth look at Hillary as a person and a potential leader.

Then, it was her time to shine on stage. Dressed all in white, she appeared, looking radiant, confident, and triumphant. Dare I say, Presidential? She looked comfortable, like she belonged there. And she gave the speech of her life. I can’t possibly go into it all here, but she basically put forth everything she stands for, everything she has to offer and invited us to join her because we are “better together”. She has concrete plans, unlike Trump, that she will unleash in her first 100 days in office. Plans for jobs. She’s committed to higher wages, health care, student loan debt, climate change, civil rights, and all kinds of rights, immigration reform and so much more. She has ideas about how to handle ISIS and other foreign policy issues, things about which Trump has no clue. But, as she quoted President Obama, “Don’t boo; vote!” She outlined all of this very well and brought the house down with her speech. Now comes the hard part. The convention is over. 4 long months to Election Day. Anything can happen. A lot could come out of Trump’s mouth between now and then….

What’s next? DEBATES…. I can hardly wait!!


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