Democratic National Convention: Day Three

I’m a little late posting this. It’s almost time for the final night of the convention to start. But in case you missed it, here are the highlights from last night:

More powehouse speeches, from the likes of everybody’s favorite, Vice President Joe Biden, and a knockout punch from Michael Bloomberg, who explained the difference between Trump and a real businessman. Then came ihe one I was most anxious for, Tim Kaine, because I don’t know much about him. I was duly impressed. He was sharp, clever, optimistic, and did a great imitation of Trump’s “Believe me” arrogance. He’s no Joe Biden, but I like him. And then finally, the star of the show arrived for his last major appearance as  President of the United States. Barack Obama. As always, he was energetic, passionate, and mesmerizing. He defended his legacy well, reminded  us that America is the greatest nation in the world, not the collapsing failure that Trump paints it to be. He spoke boldly of his accomplishments as what “we” did together, as a nation. He spoke of Hillary, the Hillary he knows and how important it was to elect her to continue the great work that we have been doing. He dismissed Trump as a man without a plan, a dangerous man. He pledged his absolute confidence in Hillary, recalling the time he spent campaigning against her in 2008 and then after when he appointed her Secretary of State. He talked about her being in the room during major crises when big decisions were being made and how she knows what it’s like. She understands the pressure and the gravity of job. Trump does not. In closing, he reminded us that Hillary has “always been there” and will always be there for us, unlike Trump, who is only out for himself. He expounded on the greatness of America and again declared it was “we” who made it so, not any one leader, and the crowds responded wildly,  chanting and waving signs “Yes We Can”. With a wistful look, Obama ended his final speech amid massive applause and screaming  and weeping and waving of signs. Yes We Can. Yes He Did. He will be greatly missed.


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