Democratic National Convention: Day Two

High drama prevailed as the usual boring roll call nomination process went forward. Each state was called alphabetically, and we had to listen to that state’s delegate talk about what made their state special and finally cast their votes for Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Hillary Clinton, and it would have been dull as dirt, but the Bernie fans were becoming more and more restive and the tension mounted. A deeply emotional moment came when Bernie’s brother Larry cast the Democrats Abroad votes and both men became tearful. When it came to Vermont, Vermont passed, ostensibly so they could go last and make the official nomination. No one in the media knew what was going to happen. Bernie and his wife Jane were hustled through the catacombs of the arena and up to the Vermont spot in time for their delegate to cast their votes and then hand the mic to Bernie, at which time  he stood and called for the suspension of the rules and the nomination of Hillary Clinton for President by acclamation. The crowd went into an understandable frenzy. Bernie and Jane made a quick exit, and many of the Bernie or Bust crowd staged a walk out. So it wasn’t smooth and easy, but it happened. History was made. Hillary Rodham Clinton became the first woman to be nominated for President of the United States! (I think such a momentous event justifies the use of the exclamation point.)

Other highlights of the night included former President Bill Clinton telling his and Hillary’s love story, giving the world a more personal view of her; the Black Lives Matters mothers of gun violence victims  gathered peacefully to show their support of Hillary; Lena Dunham and America Fererra bashing Trump, and much more. Oh, and Susan Sarandon was unhappy and Tweeted “I’m out.” She had come to hear Bernie speak and didn’t like what she heard. Oh, well. I guess that’s another vote for Trump.

Tonight, we have President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to look forward to and hopefully less whining from certain others  to listen to. 🙂



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