Democratic National Convention: Night One

The first night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia lived up to the media hype, and it promises to get even more exciting. The night was packed with dynamic speakers, including Cory Booker, Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. The real newsmakers were the Berniebots, the Bernie or Bust faithful on the floor, who heckled and booed the speakers and waved their signs and generally refused to behave, despite being implored to settled down by text from Bernie himself. The highlight of the evening happened when comedian Sarah Silverman, a Bernie supporter herself, ad libbed, “To all of you Bernie or Bust people, you’re being ridiculous.” Someone needed to say it, but it did no good. They carried on just the same. Nevertheless, the speeches were powerful and moving. Michelle Obama reminded us of what it all comes down to: who do we want to influence our children for the next four to eight years? And the easy answer to that is Hillary Clinton, with her history of working for the welfare of children and families. Cory Booker was very reminiscent of a young Barack Obama with his rousing passion and one could definitely see a presidential run in his future. The same with Elizabeth Warren. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. The Democratic Party is not short on talent. It’s reassuring to know these two serve in the Senate and if all goes well, perhaps the Democrats could get a majority in Congress in November, in addition to the White House. Bernie Sanders was true to his word and preached unity in no uncertain terms. We MUST elect Hillary Clinton. We CANNOT allow Trump to be elected. Hopefully some of his followers will comply. However, he wiil not be the one to nominate Hilllary Tuesday night as previously reported. That will be done by John Lewis and Barbara Mikulski. The roll call should bring some heavy drama with the Berniebots. Stay tuned!


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