Writing for healing

I received a nice surprise today, completely unexpected. I have been taking a writing class called Write For Healing (writeforhealing.com) and have been slowly making progress on my own. I missed a scheduled simulcast that the instructor had scheduled and hadn’t heard anything since then so I wasn’t even sure if the group was still active. I left a message for her in her Facebook Group and she replied today and let me know that I have been chosen to receive a year’s worth of free coaching towards writing my story, maybe leading to a book. This  kind of training is invaluable to me since I can’t afford to go to school right now. I am already doing a DIY MFA program, so this is just another component in my self-help approach to becoming a real writer. I have no excuses now. I have the time, I have the opportunity, and now I have the help. It’s now or never. I told Steve it may be a long time before I am ever published. He said that’s ok, but he believes I will be if I keep up my enthusiasm. I believe I will, but I am prepared for it to take a while. I am prepared for submissions and rejections and more submissions and lots of waiting. I am prepared for failure and starting over. I am ready for all of it, because I finally know what I was put on this earth to do. This is it. Love me or hate me, I’m a writer. I just have to figure out what I was put here to write. That’s a daily question. What have you got for me today, God? Is he going to lead me to write my life story? Someone else’s life story? Fantastic fiction? Blockbuster screenplay? Who knows? Maybe I’ll just write a blog and annoy people with my politics on Facebook. 🙂 Stay tuned!




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