Yes, the problem IS police brutality.

I keep seeing a meme going around that states: “The problem is not “police brutality”….” and goes on to describe the problem as being children not being raised right,not being raised to be responsible adults, etc. I think there is truth in that. I see evidence of this lack of parenting every day. Been to Walmart, or any public place, lately? Unfortunately, this does not explain away the whole tragedy. Police brutality exists. WAKE UP. The police are our heroes, and most of them live up to that title, but there are bad seeds, and even among the good ones, they are only human. They may panic in the heat of the moment and make a mistake. It happens. What we need is openness, transparency and honesty in the justice system. No more covering for bad cops. Why should the heroes be tainted by the bad seeds? The old blue code, “Cops don’t rat out cops” needs to go.

For those of you who don’t believe police brutality exists, I challenge you to do a little research and look up some of those names you probably heard in the news, but dismissed because they were associated with Black Lives Matter and you’re sure those people are troublemakers. Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, and a whole litany of others. In fact. look up one name. Eric Garner. I’m sure the YouTube video is still available. The entire video of his altercation with police  while standing on a street corner in New York, allegedly selling loose cigarettes. Eric was a big man. They didn’t beat him, or tase him, or shoot him. Instead, they put him in an illlegal chokehold and held on UNTIL HE DIED. “I can’t breathe,” he mumbled. “I can’t breathe.” They did not listen. They did not let go. They laid him down and watched him die. They did not attempt to revive him. They did not call an ambulance. They just stood around. All of this is on the video. I watched it over and over, looking for an explanation, looking for a way that he was somehow at fault. I didn’t find it. But the officer responsible, though charged, eventually got off. The guy who videotaped the arrest was arrested, though. JUSTICE.


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