Creativity notebook prompt #1

This is for the Udemy course I’m taking on creativity taught by Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat,Pray,Love fame.

What was the last thing you really wondered about? Probably something to do with life after death. I’m sort of obsessed with it.

When was the last time you experienced creative flow? Unfortunately, over a week ago writing in my private journal.

When I was 8 years old, I loved the same thing I do now: reading.

The last thing that really inspired me was listening to the music of Prince after he died. I had forgotten how really incredibly talented he was and how much I loved his music. It took me back to another place in time.

When I feel most beautiful, which isn’t that often, I am dressed up and out somewhere with my husband.

Superpowers? I have the power to forgive the worst, and even forget it.

If I was not afraid of anything, including rejection and failure, I would write for a living. I would also like to run an animal sanctuary or no-kill shelter.

My answers here confirm for me that reading and writing are my true passions and I should continue to pursue them. But I have other interests,too, such as music and animal welfare.





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