Should Hillary Choose Bernie As Her VP?

Now, as President Obama says, “everybody knows” the math regarding the Democratic nomination process, and for Bernie Sanders, a win outright is out of reach, what should Hillary do? Hunker down and prepare for the upcoming primaries and convention? Or should she extend an olive branch to Bernie Sanders and offer him the official second place slot on the ticket? This would seem to be a great step toward promoting party unity after all the recent discord. One wonders how realistic it might be with all those Hillary faithful and Bernie-bots suddenly slammed together. There has been some bad blood, both between the candidates and their followers. Could they really work out all of their issues and come together to work towards the common goal of a November win. Will Bernie’s ego allow him to take second place? Earlier on, the answer might have been no, but in recent media appearances he seems to be selling the idea, stating that he is the strongest answer we have to Trump.It’s an intriguing idea. Hillary’s solid lead, plus the spark and excitement of Bernie’s following combining to  combat the Trump surge. It could work. It could be a landslide victory. We need to talk this up. Pass this along. Let’s see what happens.


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